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Here are some samples of webinars we offer:

Requesting a Special Education Evaluation
This webinar explains how to request an education evaluation from the public school system when a child is suspected of having a disability that is impacting or could impact their education.

Assessment Processes
An overview of the importance of parent input and ways to ensure that the whole child is being considered when determining appropriate services and placement options.It discusses what happens after the request, including what the evaluation will look like, how the results are shared and used to make decisions about a child’s educational program, and what happens if you disagree with the results.

Starting a Support Group
Support groups are a wonderful resource for parents and caregivers of children with special needs. These groups provide a place for individuals to ask questions, learn from each other, meet other families, and receive emotional support . While these are a wonderful resource, starting and maintaining a support group requires commitment and planning. This webinar focuses on the steps needed to start a support group as well as what is needed to maintain a successful group. Different types of support groups are also be reviewed.

Toy Tips: Ideas and Options for Children with Special Needs
Buying toys for your special needs child can sometimes be difficult and frustrating. We will give you suggestions as to which types of toys work best for your child. Learn how to adapt a wide variety of toys. Get ideas on inexpensive ways to adapt everyday items such as books, puzzles and much more!

Finding Alternative Funding Sources
As a special needs parent, I realize how expensive and how hard it is to find resources for your child. Having knowledge of your insurance plan and it’s coverage is the first key to success. The next source for funding is grants and scholarships.

This webinar will teach you the tools to being successful in all of these areas. There are also alternative items to the more expensive alternatives that sometimes work just as well if not better. I look forward to helping others on their journey with funding their child’s needs.

Basic Rights
An overview of the four basic rights and protections under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), a brief overview of Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act, and an explanation of record keeping and the assessment process.

IEP Rights and Strategies
An overview of the rights and protections mandated for special needs children by the IDEA and Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act.

IEP Tips and Pointers
Tried and true tips on how to positively advocate for your children, strengthen the relationships between parents and service agencies, and help create the appropriate IEP program.

AT and the IEP

This workshop will help parents to understand the process of obtaining an appropriate AT assessment and how to work with the rest of the IEP team to provide effective services for their child. (Please note: this is not an assistive technology workshop.)

Assistive Technology for Communication and Learning
This webinar discusses ways technology can help support reading, writing, organization and communication. Features of assistive technology products are demonstrated along with real-world examples of successful student use. We’ll also talked about ways to use everyday technology, like smart phones and iPads, to enhance learning and promote independence.

Section 504 Accommodations
Covers Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act, an overview of the law and how the system can be effective for students who may not qualify under IDEA but may need accommodations.

Section 504 and Transition: The Bridge from High School to Post Secondary Services
In this workshop, we will assist you to understand the ITP process as it pertains to post secondary education and other related services. We will also provide an overview of programs and resources available to your child entering post secondary education or employment.

The Power of Words at School and Home: Communicating a Positive Message
Resolve differences without frustration and anger
Speak to your children proactively to minimize problems
Redirect behavior at home more effectively
Building Toward Success in Adult Life

Transition to Public School
Geared to parents of two-to-four-year-olds transitioning into the public school system. Includes information on the assessment process, placement visits, IEPs and communication skills to meet the challenges of the many choices available to our children.

Bullying and the IEP
Bullying is an issue that affects all types of people. Children with special needs are no exception. This webinar will provide ways on how a child can respond to being bullied as well as ideas of accommodations and supports that can be written into the student’s IEP to address bullying.

Bullying Prevention
This workshop was developed by PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center. It is intended for parents and professionals to explore the dynamics of bullying so they can learn what to do and help children address the issue. Topics consist of: who is bullied; why children are bullied; the role schools play; laws and policies; and bullying prevention strategies.

Journey through Adolescence
This presentation will provide parents with basic information about the changes that puberty and adolescence bring to every child, including their son or daughter. The information is intended to help participants feel more comfortable and confident as they help their children safely navigate this important transition from childhood to adulthood. The ultimate aim is to promote the independence, personal safety, healthy lifestyles, healthy relationships and social inclusion of youth with disabilities. This workshop is appropriate for parents of primary and middle school students.

Getting and Keeping Your First Job
Many families may wonder if their son or daughter can or will be employed. The goal of this session is to help families, caregivers and professionals understand the realities of today’s work world so they can help youth with disabilities earn competitive employment. Participants will learn the importance of disability self-awareness, how families can help youth with career planning, and strategies to navigate resumes, job interviews and job applications.

Transition to Adult Services
Individual Transition Plan within the IEP, future planning, how to coordinate services from school to adult services, supported employment, independent living, recreation, and post secondary education.

Building Toward Success in Adult Life
This webinar is for parents and caregivers of children with special needs transitioning into adulthood. Topics discussed in this webinar include education, decision making, work, living, and health care transition.

Guardianship vs Conservatorship?
The purpose of this webinar is to assist you in understanding the various types of guardianship as well as the steps to take to become a guardian of your adult child with special needs. Learn about these options and other choices that might need to be made for your child.

Disaster Preparedness
An introduction to the concept of disaster preparedness for parents of children with special health care needs, this workshop describes the need for a disaster preparedness plan and highlights specific concerns related to children with disabilities.

Also available: Affordable Virtual coaching or advocacy consult one on one via phone or skype.
Webinars are for informational purposes only.

Legal advice on a specific issue should be sought by a licensed legal professional. Please join our email list for articles and webinar dates and time!


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