The mission statement of ‘Next Steps for Special Needs’ is to: To provide training, services, and resources to families of children, with a full range of disabilities from birth through 26, which includes special education, advocacy, counseling, guardianship and transition services. We are a group of parents and professions who have your child’s best interested in mind and can help you navigate life with a special needs child.

Our goal is to be able to work full time to help more families with special needs children. PLEASE help us to provide free or lost cost information, services and advocacy to more families in need! Next Step for Special Needs (501C org) Contributions to this non profit are tax deductible!

Please check back for new blog posts as well as upcoming reasonably priced (or FREE) and educational webinars, Ebooks, and more! Feel free to FOLLOW our blog by subscribing in the right hand corner or side of the blog. Come join us on Facebook for upcoming virtual events!


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  1. Thanks for being here! We adopted two kids (8 & 10) who struggle with multiple issues (including PTSD, ADHD, speech and occupational therapy needs). I’ll be reading! 🙂

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