Beating the Back to School Blues for Kids with Special Needs


There isn’t a kid in the world who hasn’t occasionally wanted to skip school. But children who struggle with learning can grow to dread school so much, that every day becomes a battle to get them there.

Brandy Stephenson* has had days that her 10-year-old son Keith* simply refused to get on the bus. Though he is compassionate, loving, funny and creative, he has severe mood disorders, oppositional defiant disorder and ADHD. And “if he doesn’t want to do something, there’s no way in the world I can make him,” says Brandy, who adopted Keith as an infant. He’ll crawl under tables, climb up trees, even bolt out of the house and run off. Rather than get into a screaming match, or even worse, a physical altercation, “I’ve learned I must lay the groundwork so that he’ll want to go to school,” the Southwest mom says. That means first working closely with the school district to find the right program for Keith. “I’m not afraid to switch teachers, or even schools, if I feel his needs are not being met.” He’s currently in a smaller special-education class that he likes, with a staff that understands him and his outbursts. But being 2 years behind in social and academic skills still makes things “extremely challenging,” Brandy says. “I have to be a cheerleader for him every single day. It’s all about accentuating the positive, rather than dwelling on the negative.”

– See more at:–schools/learning-and-teaching-styles/articles/back-to-school-blues.html#sthash.aj7LdeDX.dpuf


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Founder of My College and Career Coach (Part of My Balance LLC) as well as Next Step for Special Needs (501C org) and an Emotion Code Practitioner. I LOVE helping people to prosper! I am the mother of 6 (2 mine and 4 are his) and 2 of these children have special needs. My educational background includes a BS in Psychology and a MS in Counseling and Guidance. Over the past 20 years, I have been assisting families, with special needs children, from birth to graduation and beyond, for FREE! I have been helping these families while working full time in the field of education as a school counselor and learning how the educational system works from both sides (as an educator and a parent). I have been helping families to navigate the medical and educational systems as well as obtaining other services that are available to their children. See ABOUT page for full company profile. Follow the blog via email or join us on Facebook!

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