Life spent in a doctor’s office


Well, since I started this blog I haven’t been blogging like the journaling kind of blog. I have been passing along lots of good info that relates to special needs. I thought I would blog a bit today since I am playing the hurry up and wait game at the doctor’s office. I am sure you all know what I mean. You drive like a race car driver to an appointment almost a hour away just to sit in a tiny, uncomfortable room for what seems like hours (37 mins so far). Sometimes I wonder if try have actually forgotten that we have been checked in and that there are live people waiting. Can you relate?!?

Today’s appointment is with an endocrinologist. My son was born with two different syndromes and both have to do with glands and hormones. I call him my man child sometimes since he will be 23 this summer but cognatively he is about 8 on a good day. He dressed himself today in all red. Even his shoes. Lol! This appointment is kind of overdue, in my opinion. I asked for the referral though. I searched high and low for what I am hoping is the right doctor who can solve several unsolved and what seem to be unrelated things to a non medical person like me (who really should earn a honorary degree for time spent at the pharmacy, hospitals, doctor’s offices, googling medical stuff online and taking care of my patient at home). I wanted a doctor on the insurance plan who would also understand syndromes. Found one who used to work for Children’s in Phoenix so I hope they speak the special needs language.

As I sit in this little room I see Christmas cards and baby announcements on the wall. That’s usually a good sign that they have a real relationship with their patients. I also recognize who the special needs kids are in these pictures. It almost brings tears to my eyes. I can feel their pain, I have felt their pain. So many list dreams of their child not attending Harvard or possibly not even walking.

So someone just came in the room. They sent in a medical student to take a medical history. She looks so young. I know people need to learn but I’m not a fan of interns. After this the real doctor will come in. I’ve been here over a hour now. I remember when my son was little it seemed like I was always in a doctor’s office in the time before cell phones and the Internet and I had my second child when he was three. I can’t imagine having a big family and a special needs child. I can barely handle a full time job and the last kid at home now… The special needs one.

1 1/2 hours since we got here (hour to AND from here) and no real doctor yet. A tiny air conditioned room isn’t the worst thing but I can think of better ways to send my day off.

They finally came in! 2 hours later and waiting for the tech to draw 7 viles of blood. Sigh. Traffic is awaiting us I am sure! Of course they have never heard is his two syndromes occurring together. Medical mystery to begin with. Too bad I don’t play the lottery! They complemented me on my medical terminology and knowledge. Maybe they will grant that honorary degree? 😉

One doctor appointment isn’t enough fun for one day. Off to the physical therapist!


About aoschmidt

Founder of My College and Career Coach (Part of My Balance LLC) as well as Next Step for Special Needs (501C org) and an Emotion Code Practitioner. I LOVE helping people to prosper! I am the mother of 6 (2 mine and 4 are his) and 2 of these children have special needs. My educational background includes a BS in Psychology and a MS in Counseling and Guidance. Over the past 20 years, I have been assisting families, with special needs children, from birth to graduation and beyond, for FREE! I have been helping these families while working full time in the field of education as a school counselor and learning how the educational system works from both sides (as an educator and a parent). I have been helping families to navigate the medical and educational systems as well as obtaining other services that are available to their children. See ABOUT page for full company profile. Follow the blog via email or join us on Facebook!

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